My Story

Sat nam,

as we say in Kundalini Yoga for 'Hello', which means 'True name'. The above pictures reflect the bright side of me and,

speaking poetically, I have crossed many rivers, forests and mountains to reach the destination of inner peace, strength and balance. My soul chose to come as a human again and to be born specifically on Polish land, which energetically holds a lot of pain, suffering and fear, but also a lot of compassion and love. 


Since I was a very small child I could remember my past lives, which often were coming in my dreams and

I could also feel 'heavy' energy in my heart. That awareness has led me in my adult life to the Akashic Record Healing, which was a wonderful experience.  As a child I was very interested in the world beyond the human eye, I listened to many stories about ghosts from my family members & I was always curious about how we die & what happens to us when we die. When I was about 10 years I got a book from my classmate 'Life after Life' by Raymond Moody, it was a fascinating book about past life regressions. I never liked school & all the useless stuff we were told to learn by heart. I always knew deep inside me that we live in some kind of a programmed matrix of fear & control. I also knew that we always have a choice to live a happy & fulfilled life, free of limitations & powerlessness. For many years I have been living in some kind of 'paralysed state' in my body & mind, later I discovered this 'living-dead' state was the childhood traumas.


I have done & tried various healing methods from counselling, reiki to shamanic healings, however, among others, Kundalini Yoga turned out to be the most effective tool towards my healing and moreover without anyone's help, only mine, my body, my breath & the focus of my mind. To me, Kundalini Yoga is a therapy that I can apply daily and use specific kriyas & meditations to shake off the emotional & mental dust. It is truly a food for the soul, body & mind that nourishes, awakens and transforms. It is the greatest gift for me to share the teachings with others. I can see now that we are given the right wounds, so that we can teach others how to heal. I am a passionate explorer of healing modalities that evolve around trauma, shame, addictions, depression, anxiety and phobias.       

I have been blessed to live as Prembir Kaur, which means the Princess/Lioness of God, who is filled with divine love and is a radiant and brave spirit. 'Prem' refers to divine love. 'Bir' means brave spirit. Kaur is a name that all women receive - the Princess/Lioness of God who walks with grace and strength throughout her life. Yogi Bhajan taught that every woman has the potential to attain this divine state and encouraged all to manifest it. By becoming Kundalini Yoga teacher I know I am fulfilling my soul's calling, my destiny, my 'Sat Nam'. I feel vey grateful to share the teachings with other people and to guide them towards their own 'Sat Nam', their truth and their happiness. 

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Be brave to face your pain.
Be present, welcome the demon
Like you welcome your best friend
No, Don't run away.
Run towards it
When you ready
Maybe in your dream
Your dreams are the door
the door to death or to life
You can open or leave them closed forever

10thDec18 London by Prembir Kaur