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Yoga & Meditation Classes

Group classes via Zoom:

Wednesdays @ 6.30pm - 8pm

London, UK Time via Zoom 

Wednesday classes:

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Women Moon Circles

Dear Sisters,

This is an invitation to join a collective journey of authentic connection, support and nourishment.

The circles will be held approximately twice a month around New Moon and Full Moon.

We will chat together, meditate, breath, dance, share and much more.

The circles are free and you are all welcome with your open minds and hearts.

Please book your free space by clicking on the link:



Collective Constellations Circles

Systemic and family constellations is a simple

and powerful modality that helps reveal obstacles, limitations and

entanglements that may stop us from living the life we want. Family Constellations can be

done individually and in a group and it is often used to help address and heal deep wounds. 

Please see the link for more details and tickets:


Reclaim the lost parts of your self

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Private Sessions

London Kundalini Yoga
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Private sessions are excellent

if you wish to heal, improve or transform any aspect in

your life, whether it involves relationships, spirituality, physical or mental health. I apply many various techniques, such as Kundalini yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, reiki & angelic healing, 

shadow work, inner child work, subconscious clearing techniques, emotional healing, tension & stress release techniques, sound healing.

I believe that there is a way through every block.

The blocks we encounter can be physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual and they are there to help us realise a deeper

truth about existence. Whatever issues we come across

with in life, whether it is past trauma, stress, anxiety, phobia,

low self-esteem, lack of abundance, love or joy, it only directs

us to a beautiful healing journey, a right path towards

wholeness. Being whole means, not only to be healthy &

happy, but also to feel the love that is already inside.

Spiritual journey is a beginning of the return to the

state of innocence, truth, connection

and peace.


Free 20min consultation via phone, Zoom or Skype.

Please contact me to book a 1:1 session.