Healing Inner Child

The Journey of Returning to the Innocence

We all have 'Inner Child' within us regardless of our current age.

The Inner Child is our inner voice, inner truth, purity and innocence. The qualities of this aspect within us

are the joy of creating, playfulness, sensitivity, curiosity & wonder. In a more practical sense it is the part of us

that feels, knows and which is not afraid. A child between 0-3 years understands and communicates with the world through a felt perception ('the gut feeling'), rather than spoken language. When a child's needs are repeatedly not met or when there is a lot of distress without resolution, the child may feel unloved, unwanted or unimportant and this may eventually transform in a developmental trauma of rejection, abandonment or loss. Such deep woundings happen very often in a child's psyche on a subconscious level, which often are revealed 'silently' in an adulthood in all types of relationships (romantic, family, work, friends,etc.) Thus tapping into our emotions, by listening to them, feeling them fully and being present is crucial when we step into the journey of healing the Inner Child

that wants to be accepted and integrated.

"Anything that is 'wrong' with you began as a survival mechanism in childhood" - Dr Gabor Mate

Why Kundalini Yoga for Childhood wounds?

Kundalini Yoga is a very powerful practise that safely activates Kundalini energy & deeply works on clearing subconscious, self-defeating patterns and habits by rewiring the brain through kriyas, meditations, breath, mudras, eye focus and mantra. Around 60 – 85% of our behaviour is based on habits, which often take control over our lives and eventually we may become slaves to our habits. Kundalini Yoga is a technology that has a capacity to break the habits and to remove accumulated emotional & mental blocks from the past using ancient yogic tools that realign the mental patterns, glandular & chakra systems.

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The Mind

'Mind is a beautiful servant, but a dangerous master (Osho).  When we are able to shift our vibrational state of mind that holds on to fear and violence to a higher energy space of peace, connection & wholeness, then we are able to heal.

        Mind holds a lot of memories, it is like a computer program that downloads many applications, but we do not always need all of them. Similar the mind, when it is overloaded it does not work the way we would like. Exploring our subconscious mind through 'shadow work', meaning making the unconscious, conscious, can reveal a whole new world to us. Among many techniques that I use Kundalini meditation is a powerful tool to clean the mind from subconscious, negative thoughts, fears & self-defeating patterns.

Meditation is like taking a mental shower. 

The Soul

Very often our attention is focused towards the external world, instead of the inner world. We think that 'there is something wrong with me' or 'I need more money, new partner or more material things' in order to feel happy. The truth is all we need is already inside of us. Our task is merely to return home, to that place that we know deep inside, to the place of innocence.

When our body & mind is in stillness and rest, then all 3: body, mind & soul can enter into a space of healing, restoration and regeneration. Reiki, angelic & sound healings are techniques for reducing stress and promoting state of relaxation. Reiki is a life force energy, that promotes the feeling of peace, security and well-being.  

" When you do things from your soul,

you feel a river moving in you, a joy. "


The Body

Our body has tremendous wisdom. Our body also has memory in the cells and tissues. It is made around 65% of water, a body is like a river that is in a constant flow, but when this flow is stopped, it may create a 'dis-ease' & also pain. Pain is not a bad thing. Pain is the currency of transformation. It literally means Pay Attention Integrate Now. It is only letting the soul know that it is time for a shift.

Yoga has the ability to help a body move through many obstacles, not only physical. Through powerful breathing, specific movements and chanting mantras the body realigns all its chakras and taps into its energy reserves. 

“Yoga takes you into the present moment.

The only place where life exists.“