Kundalini Yoga

The Yoga of Awareness

An Express Train to Transformation

Kundalini Yoga is the 'Queen of all Yogas',

it is an advanced science about human body, mind and soul.​ It is a technology that combines physical exercises (asanas), breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation and mantras. Kundalini Yoga helps to clear many mental and emotional blocks that often overshadow the flow of kundalini energy which is our natural source of life force, creativity, confidence and happiness.


"Every moment,

a voice, out of this world,

calls on our soul,

to wake up and rise."


London Kundalini Yoga

Why Kundalini Yoga is different?

You cannot stay the same when you practise Kundalini Yoga. Its nature is to awaken the energy of consciousness. It is a powerful technology that removes many blocks and self-imposed limitations. When we become free of the constraints we can finally feel our own truth, power & grace.

Kundalini Yoga is like an express train to transformation. It is a catalyst for inner awakening to higher level of consciousness and self-healing. It is a powerful practise that helps to clear many mental, physical & emotional blocks. When practising Kundalini Yoga it is simply impossible to stay the same, you start to evolve, grow and expand. It is a state of realisation of your own eternal power, love & light that is inside of you.

Kundalini Yoga

Every Kundalini Yoga class is different however all classes incorporate the following elements:


Tuning In:

When we practice Kundalini Yoga, we tune in by chanting ‘Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo’, connecting us to the purity of the infinite teacher living within each of us.


Breath (Pranayama):

Breath is life energy itself. When we learn how to breathe consciously, we can calm our minds and master all aspects of our lives.



A Kriya is an exact, dynamic combination of postures (asana), breathing and sound – a complete system that balances body, mind and soul, and increases mental clarity and physical vitality.


Deep relaxation allows to consciously integrate the mind-body changes which have been brought during the practise of kriya


Meditation brings awareness and control of our thoughts. Using mantra (sacred sound currents repeated aloud or silently) and mudra (sacred gestures) we can clear negative patterns and connect with our higher consciousness.


In practise this complete yogic sequence shows up as an increase in emotional stability, physical energy, mental balance and intuition. Kundalini Yoga is a catalyst for inner transformation and activation of a powerful energy within.